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Terms and conditions

All applications for hire must be made on the booking form provided and returned to the ADCC booking secretary WITHIN 14 DAYS of the start date of the proposed activities.

Details of hire –

 All Charges will be calculated at the rate applicable on a time on premises basis.

All bookings are accepted at the discretion of the Audley & District Community Centre Management team only.

Please note that the overrunning of time could result in additional charges.


Cancellation / Termination of hire  


By the hirer –A written notice of termination of contract of no less than one month should be given to the booking secretary of ADCC clearly stating the last date of requirement for use.

 Bookings cancelled without such notice will be subject to the full charge for the month of the notice period unless the centre can be re-let.


    NB Any activities deemed to be ‘inappropriate’ and conducted within the Community Centre premises will be

     terminated immediately and without notice,                         


By the Audley & District Community Centre Committee –Should any eventuality occur that should prompt the Management Committee to cancel the agreement to hire. A minimum of one calendar months notice will be given to the hirer and any monies paid by the hirer additional to the actual cost of usage will be refunded, but the Management Committee shall not be liable to pay any compensation to any person in respect of such a cancellation.


Times   – All functions must cease at the agreed hour and the premises vacated accordingly.


Use of premises –    A hirer shall not assign the benefit or burden of a booking. Sub-letting is not authorised.


Damage and Injury The management shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property or persons.      

    The hirer must satisfy themselves that they hold insurance cover sufficient to cover all eventualities and activities

     being undertaken                             

IndemnificationThe hirer shall be responsible for any claim which may arise out of hiring the premises or any claim made in respect of loss, damage or injury to any person during the period of hire.


Hirers – The hirer shall be responsible for any damage made to the Community Centre and/or its contents during the period of hire.


General Rules – The hirer shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the premises against fire and, in the unlikely event of fire, take the appropriate action to safeguard persons attending the function.


As hooks and notice boards are provided, to enable further decoration of the hall.  Please refrain from using sticky tape and drawing pins elsewhere.


Any movement of equipment or any activities causing damage to the floors, the building or the equipment during the letting will incur extra costs to the hirer.


All items of crockery or cutlery that are used during a function must be cleaned and put away. Any loss or breakages of such items shall be the responsibility of the hirer and incur costs.


All rubbish generated by the hirer must be removed from the premises by the hirer.


Keys– In the event of keys being allocated to the hirer, the hirer will be responsible for their safekeeping and use whilst in their possession. (To meet requirements; all key holders will be identified and added to a list forwarded to Newcastle Borough Council and local police)


Licences and Copyright –    All licensing laws must be adhered to. 


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the good behaviour of those who are part of the event and that the volume of noise emanating from the premises shall not exceed such levels to be a nuisance or annoyance to the general public.


Non–compliance of conditions – If the hirer shall fail to observe or comply with these conditions then, notwithstanding any other remedies available to the management committee, the management committee reserves the right to cancel bookings then made with the hirer and will refuse to accept any further bookings requested by the hirer or any person acting on their behalf.