• Design and making computer games
  • Programming using the BASIC programming language
  • Development in teams on Raspberry Pi computers
  • Concentrating on 2D games initially (3D possible later)
  • Design your game play world
  • Design your backgrounds and characters / craft
  • Create sound effects
  • Create graphics for your game
  • Single or multi-player games
  • Networked games between computers
  • Animate your characters
  • Based on a template working game written by your tutor
  • Templates have a lot of thought put in to make it structured and simpler
  • Should suit a broad range of ages and adults
  • Programming techniques would be a good base for further study
  • We are going to be creating games using AppGameKit
  • AppGameKit is free on Raspberry Pi
  • AppGameKit can be bought for Windows or Mac laptops
  • Games will run on desktop and mobile devices


4th May

18th May

8th June

22nd June

6th July