About ACE

ACE Facts and Appeal What is ACE? Who are they? What do they do?


Perhaps some of you may be thinking this is another fund raising set up? Someone try to make a living? There will be a lot promotion notifications flooding your Facebook page lol!


ACE is Audley Community Events run by Audley Community Centre. We have allocated every Friday so that ACE can run various events, to keep the youth and the family with children entertained, so we hope ACE can help to enhance our community living, making our villages a better place to live.


Audley Community Centre have allocated a start-up capital for ACE. This is not a profit making venture, it is a form of giving back to community what the Centre has gained and it is a test run for one year, if this is not working, ACE will be dissolved and centre will have free Friday slots for venue hiring. Not sure many of you know that Audley Community Centre is run by volunteers with no salaries.


Games workshop is run by Lee Rayner. He is a software programmer; he has experienced working abroad and now happily working from home with his young family and living in this great community spirited village. He started learning programming at the age of 12 years old. He wrote his little game program Asteroids and took it to school for the kids to pay for a game on school fair day! He then spent a lot of his youth trying to recreate different gaming techniques such sideways scrolling or polygon filling and the like. He bought a typewriter and sent some simple games into magazines for printing. Game programming is the best way to learn a programming language. When you are younger you just copy the code to get the result you want. When you are older you learn exactly what is going on. BASIC was traditionally the beginner’s language and it is still the best now. Raspberry Pi or a PC or. a Mac it doesn’t matter we all use the same BASIC code to create our games.


We thought the magician workshop could be the ice breaker tool to boost our youth with confidence to mingle and make new friends, instead of asking what the weather like today is. Not all us can do comedy talk or sing or some time is not that easy to find something to talk about, especially when we are in the situation run out of thing to say! Why not just show a little bit of magic to crowd, it’s a great way to entertain others and have fun, even make yourself become the popular one among the crowd!


Cinema Club, we are still keep the Cinema club at the last Friday of the month, although that we have been struggling to get a number of audiences to attend our cinema club, hopefully with our new subcommittee now set up, we now looking for a new ideas on how improve our current setup.


Many thanks for reading this lengthy bedtime story! We hope we share who are we and our volunteering journey that we enjoy very much and we hope you can be part of us.


From Audley Community Centre, wishing you all good health and enjoy living with this community.